Every now and then I get an idea for a book. This greatly depresses my accountant.


SHELDON & MRS LEVINE — 1994 Price, Stern, Sloan

I wrote this with my wife Julie Stein. It's about a 31 year old son who runs away from his overbearing mother. It sold over 50,000 copies and we have since turned it into a very successful play.


EMILY, THE DOG WITH LOW SELF ESTEEM — An adult/children's book. I also wrote this with Julie. It was about a dog we had who was an awful bully.

GETTING OVER CONNIE — A short novel about a wacked-out TV writer whose wife has left him. Only a small part is autobiographical – the wacked out part.

RACHINOFF — Based on a musical I was involved in about a young composer who wrote rock 'n' roll during the 18th Century. The musical came very close to making it to New York and then fell apart when the record company that was going to put up half the money had a sudden financial crisis and so the book never went to a publisher. I thought it was pretty funny.

LEO & THE FIZZWIG — My wife, Julie, and I wrote this for young readers and hoped it would turn out to be a series. It's about an only child who gets a cartoon character for a pet. We didn't sell it but we thought it was such a good idea for a children's cartoon show that we have since written a TV script on spec and hope to eventually get it produced.

FLEMMING — This is based on my play Flemming (An American Thriller). The play won a writting award in 2008 at the International Mystery Writters Festival. This is a novelized version of the play, where a man gives up his lucrative business to persue a career as a detective.