Of all the writing I've ever done, I love playwriting best for a number of reasons. It's small, it's intimate, and it's personal. It's you, the paper, your head and no one else. You are writing for yourself, your vision, your passion, and you are the only one you have to please. If in the process you want to veer right, you veer right. If you want to make a sudden U-turn, that's okay too. It's totally your call, your ballgame. Ah, freedom.

It's not always easy getting produced and although I have been very lucky in that regard, I do have some plays that haven't had that opportunity yet. But when you do get produced, I promise you, you will never feel the highs that you will feel. Its hearing the lines you've sweated over brought to life by gifted actors. It's the loud applause the audience gives you at the end of the evening to further assure you how right you were in your choices. Of course on the other hand you will never feel such lows when that doesn't happen. Then it's very important for you to be kept away from sharp objects.

But most of all, for me, I love the comradery shared with the cast and the crew, the feeling that we're all in this together and somehow we're going to make the play work. The words are what they bought and unlike any other media, there is a total respect for them, total dedication to them. Call it pride of ownership but that makes all the difference.

I keep meaning to include more reviews on the produced plays but I never seem to get around to it because I am always busy cranking out a new one.

If you are doing a production of one of my plays and have any questions about it use the Contact tab and I will get back to you as promptly as I can.

The following is a list of the plays I've written and co-written. To find out more about each play, please click the title.

A Little Bit Wicked — Comedy Mystery
Annoyance — Edgy Comedy
Are You Sure? — Psychological Mystery
Baggage — Romantic Comedy
Dancing with Emily Sue — Comedy
Death In England — Comedy Mystery
DeeDee And Danny — Rock Musical
Dinner At The Flemmings — Comedy Mystery
Driving Love Nuts — Comedy
Fixing Gwen — Drama
Flemming (An American Thriller) — Comedy Mystery
Getting Sara Married — Romantic Comedy
Glitch — Adventure, Drama, Comedy
Hamlet II (Better Than the Original) — Comedy
It's Only Murder — Comedy Mystery
L.A. Deli — Comedy
Last Chance Romance — Romantic Comedy
Lenny's Back — Comedy Drama
Lunch With Mrs. Baskin — Comedy
Murder At The Howard Johnson's — Comedy
New York Water — Comedy
No Hard Feelings — Comedy
Norman, Is That You? — Comedy
Passengers — Comedy
Rachinoff — Rock Musical
Remember Me?— Romantic Comedy
Resting In Pieces — Edgy Black Comedy
Slow Night In Elk City — Drama
Splitting Issues — Comedy
The Crazy Time — Comedy
The Happiness Of Lewis — Comedy
The Joy of Pain and Suffering — Comedy
The Outrageous Adventures Of Sheldon & Mrs. Levine — Comedy
The Psychic — Comedy Mystery
The Spider or The Fly (The Stanway Case) — Psychological Thriller
Tolstoy In Jersey — Comedy
Travis Pine (A Man of the People) — Political Comedy
Two Single People — Romantic Comedy
Wally's Cafe — Comedy
Weekend Comedy — Comedy
Welcome to my Head — Comedy