Cold Night In Elk City

A Comedy – Drama

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – A small Midwest bar

10 Characters – 7 men, 3 women

A night in the Esquire Bar. It is the mid-eighties. Carl LeMay, the owner of one of the few remaining businesses in Elk City has accepted the fact that life has defeated him. His wife, Frances, who he has stopped loving years ago, refuses to let him give up. She wants him to open a new bar on the highway, where all the Elk City businesses have fled to. Her urging has turned into nagging, pulling them even further apart. As the regulars come in to spend the night, tension mounts as secrets they all have are revealed. One of them being that Frances has been trying to get someone to burn the bar down.


CARL – A man in his early fifties. The owner of the Esquire

FRANCES – Carl's wife, about the same age as Carl

MAVIS – A waitress at the bar. In her late thirties

J.G. – A barber. A man in his late fifties. A regular patron

GEORGE – A stranger. About forty-five

DON WINTERS – A regular. In his early thirties

HARRY – A regular. A janitor. In his late sixties

MINNIE – Harry's girlfriend. In her fifties

TED – Late forties. A white collar factory worker. Also a regular

RAY – The piano player at the Esquire. About fifty

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