Lenny's Back


A One Man Show

By Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein

One Act — One Set

Famed comic Lenny Bruce tells his side of the story from his graveside in the San Fernando Valley. We learn things about Lenny never before revealed. Taking us on a seventy minute roller coaster ride filled with sadness and hilarity, indignation and awe, Lenny expounds on such subjects as his childhood pain, his unusual relationship with his mother, the love of his life, Honey Harlow, his regrets, his frustrations, his anger at the system that eventually destroyed him and yet, despite it all, he still had some wonderful moments in his life. We leave the theatre knowing that Lenny Bruce was indeed someone very special.

LENNY'S BACK was nominated for an L.A. Ovation award in 2002. The Ovation Awards are L.A.'s equivalent of the New York Obies. It has been produced in several theatres around the country to glowing reviews.


“Thoughtfully funny… poignant.” — L.A. Times

“Together Bobrick and Stein humanize an icon without flinching from the often pathetic truth about their subject. The Lenny we meet is still talking dirty and influencing people.” — The Jewish Journal

“A chance to learn not only a bit about Lenny Bruce but also to see just what can be achieved through brevity, good taste, a lot of hard work… a true feat of creative energy.” — Backstage West

“A perfectly paced 70 minute play… Recommended.” — LA Weekly

“Here is Lenny Bruce at his funniest… you will be mesmerized. See it. It's awesome!” — NoHo L.A.

“From riotously crude to nostalgic to poignant and back again… visually mesmerizing.” — The Tolucan Times.

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