A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

2 Acts

One Set — The living room of a second floor, one bedroom apartment in an older three story apartment building in Chicago.

5 Characters — 3 men, 2 women

Although she has no intention of buying anything, Mrs. Eva Baskin, a sweet, retired widow, continuously sets up appointments with sales people solely to have lunch and conversation with them in her home. Two young sales people, Terry, who not very successfully sells garage doors and Kira, who successfully sells solar panels and has just learned that her fiancé is cheating on her, accidentally meet in Mrs. Baskin's apartment. Although neither have the slightest intention of getting involved in a relationship, Mrs. Baskin thinks otherwise.


EVA BASKIN — A woman in her late sixties

TERRY WINTERS — A man in his mid-twenties

KIRA HASKELL — An attractive woman in her early twenties

JOHN HASKELL — Kira's father. In his early sixties

WENDELL SASH — The world's greatest salesman. In his mid-forties

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