The Psychic

A Murder Mystery of Sorts

The Psychic Play Bill

2011 Winner of the Mystery Writers of America
“Edgar” Award

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — A run down New York basement apartment

6 Characters — 4 men, 2 women

A down and out mystery write, unable to pay his rent, hangs up a sign offering Psychic readings in his window. To his surprise, he blurts out to his first customer, an attractive young woman, that her husband is planning to kill her. Much to his alarm and confusion he soon finds himself embroiled in a string of bizarre and hilarious murders.


ADAM WEBSTER — A mystery writer in his early thirties

LAURA BENSON — An attractive woman in her early thirties

ROY BENSON — Laura's husband in his mid-thrities

RITA MALONE — Roy's sexy girlfriend in her twenties

JOHNNY BUBBLES — A gangster type in his late thirties

NORRIS COSLOW — An NYPD Detective in his forties


“Bobrick is still actvely plying his trade, and quite capably too … Satisfyingly unpredictable…” F. Kathleen Foley — L.A. Times

“A devilishly clever comedy/mystery with a hilarious first act and an even better second one that takes on an added layer of brilliance half-way through. You may find as this reviewer did, wanting to stand up and cheer. You'll love it.” — Steven Stanley — Stage Scene

“An Extra Special Play …a delightful murder mystery… The plot ensues with many humorous, suspenseful, unexpected twists and turns, very characteristic of the talented playwright Sam Bobrick's previous works.” Bonnie Priever — Tolucan Times and Canyon Crier

“There were few times when the audience wasn't in hysterics, and Bobrick's hilarious one-liners and snappy dialogue deserves all the credit.” James Famera — Burbank Leader

“Delightfully farcical new comedy … enjoy your visit with The Psychic. ” — Cynthia Citron — Cynthia Citron Reviews

“Engaging, surprising, clever and funny. The Psychic offers audiences everything they could ask for in a comedy mystery.” — Candyce Columbus — L.A. Theatre Examiner

“For an evening of fun entertainment, I recommend The Psychic...” — Carol Segal — Stage Happenings

The Psychic is a laugh-filled unexpectedly entertaining ride that gratifies copiously from moment to moment. A defiite must see…” — Don Grigware — Broadway World.Com

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Published by Samuel French

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