Mom, Dad, & A Bad Idea

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — A living room in a New York City apartment.

5 Characters — 3 men, 2 women


Elaine and Ken Haber, a dull but fairly happy and satisfied couple in their fifties, are convinced by their two grown children that they have always been wrong for each other and have totally missed out on life. In an attempt to remedy the situation, their lives become nightmares.


KEN HABER — A man in his late fifties.

ELAINE HABER — Ken's wife, in her mid-fifties.

DIANE HABER — Their unmarried daughter, mid-twenties.

TYLER HABER — Their married son, mid-twenties.

DETECTIVE BERGEN — A New York City police detective.

JUDGE — Can be played by actor who plays Detective Bergen.

JUROR — Voice Over

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