The Goodbye Letters

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — A living room in a New York apartment.

6 Characters — 2 men, 4 women


Phil Crane is fed up with the mess his life has become and decides to commit suicide. Unfortunately, before he does, he mails nasty letters to his ex-wife, his mother, his daughter, his best friend and someone whose identity he refuses to reveal, blaming them for his need to take such a desperate course of action. Fortunately, his attempt at suicide fails miserably which he is very thankful for. Unfortunately, all the recipients of his nasty letters are now so pissed off at him that his life becomes a bigger mess than it ever was.


PHIL CRANE — A man in his late fourties.

LARRY SWALL — Phil's former best friend. A contemporary.

NATALIE CRANE — Phil's ex-wife in her mid-fourties.

MOLLY HIGMAN — A therapist in her mid-thirties.

ERIN CRANE — Phil and Natile's daughter. Early twenties.

SISTER YOLANDA — A nun in her mid-fourties

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