Last Chance Romance

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – A living/dining room in a New York apartment

8 Characters – 4 women, 4 men

NOTE: Outside of the main characters, Myra and Leonard, all other parts can be doubled up at the director's discretion, possibly played by only two other actors, a man and woman.

Myra Witzer, a strong willed woman in her mid-thirties, is determined to get married at any cost and Leonard Shank, an unassuming man in his mid-forties is the guy who she goes after and gets. After several months of married life, Myra realizes that the marriage chase excited her more than the capture and wants out. On the other hand, Leonard, who at the beginning wanted no part of the marriage or Myra, now wants to stay married to her more than anything.


Myra Witzer – A woman in her mid-thirties

Leonard Shank – A man in his early forties

Florence Witzer – Myra's seventy-year old mother

Uncle Fred – Myra's sixty-year old Uncle

Gloria Fossberg – Myra's therapist

Nurse Sylvia – Leonard's nurse

Waiter – Either a man or woman

Howard – A man in his mid-forties

Agency Contact

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Ron Gwiazda
Amy Wagner
Abrams Artist Agency
275 Seventh Avenue - 26th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Tel. 646-486-4600

Published by Samuel French

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