A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

One Act – 3 Scenes

One Set – A Therapist's Office

Three Characters – 2 men, 1 woman

A very annoying man goes to see two therapists with the hopes of becoming less annoying. In his pursuit of mental stability he drives them both over the edge.


ETHAN STECKLER – A man in his early thirties

DR. ANITA WELLS – A woman in her early forties

DR. SIDNEY GATES – A man in his mid-forties

Scene 1

Ethan Steckler, a man in his early thirties, has spent his entire life suffering from an awful affliction - he is annoying. Ethan seeks help from therapist Dr. Anita Wells. Unfortunately, Ethan's "annoying-ness" is nothing like she has ever seen and causes her to suffer a nervous breakdown during his first session.

Scene 2

Dr. Sidney Gates, the husband of Dr. Wells, has taken over her patients while she recovers. After only a short time with Ethan, he is able to offer a diagnosis - that Ethan suffers from extreme self-loathing, which in his case, is completely justified. Underestimating the power of Ethan to annoy, Dr. Gates finally loses control and makes an earnest attempt to kill him.

Scene 3

In the final scene, Dr. Wells and Dr. Gates are now so obsessed with riding the world of Ethan's destructive personality that they lose sight of their professional responsibilities. They opt for an ethically questionable treatment that will turn Ethan into a vegetable - hopefully a pleasant one.


The edgy, physical, over-the-top comedy brought gales of laughter from audiences. The enthusiastic applause at the end of each performance left no doubt that this adult comedy was a hit. Charlie Tyler, Boca Beacon

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Published by Samuel French

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