A Comedy/Drama

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts – Eight Scenes

One Set – A small town bus station

Four actors, a man and woman in their mid to late twenties and a man and woman in their mid to late forties play seventeen characters in eight short scenes that take place in a small mid-western bus station. The scenes, which segue fluidly from one to another without stopping, vary from comedic to poignant and are tied in together in the last scene.

Act I

Scene 1

A disillusioned man and woman, Jane and Walter, meet in the bus station. As they get to talking they are convinced that they are both dead. Having found a comfort with each other, they seem not to mind the idea at all. Unfortunately, reality takes over. Sadly realizing they are alive, they are forced to go their own separate ways.

Scene 2

Frank, one of life's eternal losers, encouraged by his wife Clara, plans to turn his life around by successfully robbing a bus. As they go through Frank's step by step plan it becomes apparent that Frank will not be successful at that either.

Scene 3

Fred, a successful businessman meets Maureen, an old high school classmate of his that he hasn't seen in twenty five years, who is now a bag lady. They have a rousing time together recalling the good old days.

Scene 4

A patron minding his own business pays a price for not wanting to get involved in lunatic behavior.

Act II

Scene 5

Mrs. Evans waits patiently for Mr. Wade who is bringing her the ashes of her late husband who was killed at the circus when a fat lady fell off the high wire and landed on him. Mr. Wade is very apologetic since Mrs. Evans was first sent the body of the clown who also died in the mishap. The clown was still wearing his clown costume and make up and it wasn't until the service for her husband that the mistake was noticed.

Scene 6

June, a not too bright young woman in a wedding dress, has run off with her old boyfriend, Bobby, a foot loose nomad who barged in on her wedding to reclaim her. As the two converse, they both come to realize that while this was a very bold and romantic gesture, it was also a drastic mistake.

Scene 7

The bus station is closing for good. Mace, a driver is joined by Laura, the woman at the ticket counter. They discuss their future plans. Mace, whose wife has left him many years ago, plans to buy a camper and see the country. He asks Laura to join him. Although we discover that the two have been interested in each other for years and it looks like they would make a good couple, she has to turn him down.

Scene 8

Mace the bus driver, Maureen the bag lady, June the Bride and Danny the cop find themselves waiting for the final bus of life. We learn how each arrived there. Even though they all have concerns as to what awaits them, they realize how grateful they need to be for just having the privilege of being able to pass through this confusing but wonderful world.


“Tickling … bittersweet twists … worth a ticket purchase.” — LA Times, 8/12/2010

“Deep revelations and gutsy insights are gleaned from the plays dialogue and true to life scenerios” — Bonnie Priever, Tolucan Times

&ldqup;Punctuated by madcap scenarios, ironic twists and an occasional zinger, Passengers is surprisingly insightful.” — Lee Clark Zumpe, Museum, Stage & Theatre Weekly

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Published by Samuel French

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