A Comedy

Winner of 2008 Mystery Writers Festival

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — An upscale Westport, Connecticut living room

Eight Characters — 5 Men, 3 Women

Bored by his mundane life, Henry Flemming, gives up his lucrative business to become a detective. To the horror of his wife and neighbors, Henry's living room soon begins to fill up with bodies. The play is a spoof of the film noir thrillers from the 40's and 50's.


HENRY FLEMMING — Our hero. An unassuming man in his mid-forties

KAREN FLEMMING — His wife in her late thirties, early forties

STAN SPENCER — The Flemmings pain-in-the-neck neighbor

SUZY SPENCER — Stan's long suffering wife

WALTER LARSEN — Karen's father

LIEUTENANT DAVIS — A plainclothes cop

MISS HAVENHURST — A sweet young thing who has had a tough life

VITO MARDIGIAN — A tough, threatening hoodlum

The play was performed at the International Mystery Writers' Festival in Owensboro, KY in June 2008, and won one of the top awards. As an added bonus, the author was made a Kentucky Colonel. The sequel Dinner At The Flemmings is also available.


“Clever homage to film noir and the social mores of the 1960's.” — Jean Lowerison, San Diego Theatre Critic — 2017

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Published by Samuel French

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