Dinner at the Flemmings

A Comedic Mystery sequel to Flemming (An American Thriller)

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – An upscale Westport, Connecticut living room

9 Characters – 4 men, 5 women

At three separate dinner parties at the home of Henry Flemming, a fabulous private detective, several of his guests are knocked off. But don't worry, we're sure Henry will get to the bottom of it before he and his wife have no friends left – or maybe not.

It might be benefical, but not necessary, to have read the first Flemming play, Flemming, An American Thriller.


HENRY FLEMMING – Our hero. A man in his mid-forties.

KAREN FLEMMING – His wife. In her late thirites.

INGA – Their beautiful Swedish maid. In her late twenties.

ARTHUR FREMONT – A friend. In his mid-forties.

LARRY HENSHAW – A friend. In his mid-forties.

NANCY FREMONT – Arthur's wife. In her late thirties.

MONA HENSHAW – Larry's wife. In her late thirties.

VERA SPRAGUE – A friend. In her early forties.

IBN BEN ABDUL SAUD / STAN SPENCER – Henry's former neighbor and nemesis. In his mid-forties.

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