Sam Bobrick, Playwright

On Friday, October 11, 2019, Sam Bobrick passed away peacefully at the age of 87, a few days after suffering a stroke. Although he will be greatly missed, he will live on through his works and in the hearts and minds of all who knew him.

Summer 2019
Hello and thanks for coming to my website. I've updated it and added some new play titles, review quotes, and photos. Although I spend most of my career writing for TV, the main emphasis of this website will be on my plays. So far I've written and co-written over 40 plays, 24 have been published by Samuel French and this year I submitted several more for consideration.

You will find a short synopsis of all my plays, both published and unpublished, by going to the PLAY tab and then clicking on the title. You will also find information about obtaining the rights for a production for both published and unpublished plays. Many of my unpublished plays have enjoyed successful productions.

First, I'd like to tell you about my two newest plays.

The Goodbye Letters is a comedy about a guy, Phil Crane who is fed up with the mess his life has become and decides to commit suicide. Unfortunately, before he does, he mails nasty letters to his ex-wife, his mother, his daughter, his best friend, and someone whose identity he refuses to reveal, blaming them for his need to take such a desparate course of action. Fortunately, his attempt at suicide fails miserably, which he is very thankful for. Unfortunately, all the recipients of the letters are now so pissed off at him that his life becomes a bigger mess than it ever was.

Mom, Dad, And A Bad Idea is a play I wrote with my son Joey, a wonderful short story writer. It's a crazy comedy romp about a long-married couple who are told by their two grown children that they are totally wrong for each other and have wasted their lives being together. Following their children's advice and seeking other relationships, their lives become nightmares. It was great fun writing this with my son and we are definitely going to write more plays together.

If you are doing a production of one of my plays and have any questions, use the CONTACT tab and send me an email. I will answer you as promptly as I can.

If you need a photo of me for your program, there are several in the PHOTO section to choose from. The one with the most wrinkles is obviously the most recent one.

Most of my plays are comedies. Some are romantic, some are a bit edgy, some are totally over the top. For the past twenty years I've been writing plays that I want to write, regardless of whether they are commercial or not, and that's the way I plan to continue to write.

Quite honestly, there is nothing more satisfying to me than to sit in an audience and listen to people laugh. Although I think there are moments of insight and enlightenment in my plays, my main goal is to entertain, to have people leaving the theatre feeling good. Life is tough enough. Why send an audience home suicidal?

However, that being said, there are a couple of dramas in the bunch. Fixing Gwen, a love storey which deals with alcoholism and Cold Night In Elk City about the forgotten people in a small town in the mid-seventies. Although I consider them dramas, there are some wonderful laughs in both of them.

I have written a number of mysteries which I loved doing and in 2011 my play The Psychic won the highly esteemed Edgar Allan Poe Mystery Writers of America Award — The Edgar.

Recently the Television Academy did a lengthy interview with me for their archives. In case you're interested, here is the link. Television Academy Interview

Well, time for a chocolate milkshake and a grilled cheese sandwich. At my age I've decided to eat only what I want. Kale is not on the list.

Thanks for stoping by ... Sam